back from the near dead

I have been really sick.  I had the cold to end all colds.  Possibly a flu.  It was not fun at all and after a week of moaning and feeling like death I’m finally back among the living and taking antibiotics to clear the infection out of my chest.  I’m still coughing a lot but am leaking from the nose considerably less.

In very happy news we have planned a trip to Dublin on the 9th of July and I am totally psyched to go.  I haven’t been to Ireland at all since we moved here which is just silly seeing that it’s so close and all.  It will be good to correct this error in my life.  Jeremy’s cousin will also be there as she and her young man will be visiting from Washington, DC so we will spend a little time with them and a little time sightseeing and probably not such a little time drinking.  I wonder if there’s a Once themed tour of Dublin?  I would totally go on that.

In other very happy news we have decided that we are going back to Italy At the end of August and beginning of September. The plan thus far is to spend a few days in Venice for the Biennale and the general awesomeness that is Venice and then we will head on to Sicily.  There was much debate about going to Sicily, we considered Cinque Terre for awhile and looked at photos and hemmed and hawed but finally decided that the weather will probably be warmer in Sicily in September and also that Sicily looks a little bit cheaper.  So Sicily it shall be. We’ll probably fly into Palermo and then travel around the island a bit, maybe staying at a renovated farmhouse for a couple nights and then fly out of Catania.

I am totally psyched about this trip, especially since afterwards I will be able to say “Picture it, Sicily, 2009 . . . ” like a modern day Sophia Petrelli.  And you’d better believe that I will, all the time.

Jeremy has this idea that we will ride Vespas all over the island, Jeremy also thinks I can pack for a 12 day trip in just 1 backpack.  I might not be the girliest of girls, but I probably need more that just the 1 backpack.  Maybe if we can stay in a B&B near a Vespa hire place we can then plan jaunts and leave our luggage behind.  He actually looked at me like I was the most high-maintenance lady in the world when I told him 1 backpack would not be enough, he was all “But how much can you NEED?” And I was all, “Well, enough clothes for 12 days, uh duh?” And he rolled his eyes and tried to look sorrowful.  I imagine we’ll work out a compromise shortly, we usually do. 

Anyhow, if you would like a postcard, please email me your information and I will add your name and address to my brand new address book and therefore you will be on the list.


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