Memories, may be beautiful and yet . . .

Me in the Dominican Republic looking happy and relaxed and possibly a little bit drunk. No I wasn't drunk there at all, about an hour later I probably was though.

So on Saturday Jeremy and I were waiting for Sunshine Cleaning (not as good as I’d hoped, not very good at all really) to start at the Brixton Ritzy when I looked over at him and said, “Know where we were this time last year?” and he said, sadly, “Yeah, the Dominican Republic.” And I said, “Yup and we were probably just waking up and getting our first Coco Loco of the day.” and he said, “Yup, we probably were.”


Not that London isn’t great and all, but there’s nobody handing me a free drink, like, ever around this place.  Seriously, London, you need to fix that stat.

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