Returns (or: No, no, no, Prosecco!)

We’ve booked our tickets.  We’re definitely going back to Italy.  As mentioned before we’ll be in Venice first and then move across the country to Sicily.  We leave on 27th August and will fly into Marco Polo Airport in Venice.  From Marco Polo you take the Vaporetto (water bus) into Venice proper.  It’s about a 30 minute boat ride into the city.  We’re going to try to stay at the same place we stayed before.  It’s a small studio apartment owned by a B&B in the San Marco area of the city.  In the morning’s you pick up the phone and dial reception and say, “Due cafe, per favore.” and they bring you over two coffees, and a selection of fruits, rolls and cheese.  At this point it is vital that you check and make sure you are using sugar and not salt in your coffee.  Otherwise you will have a very sad start to your day.  We will, again, traipse about looking at all the art we can find since (as mentioned) the Biennale will still be on.  The third part of a show we saw two years ago will be showing as well at Palazzo Fortuny.  That is largely what made us decide to go back to Venice this year.  The show we saw, Artempo, was just about the best thing ever in the world.  It’s sort of manic layout totally changed the way I view art.  Instead of a typically ordered space showing art according to time or style this was all lavishly displayed around the palazzo as if you had just walked into an amazing, eccentric private collection (which you sort of had, actually).  The image I’ve added was a collection of paintings that at first appear to be plain white canvases but as you get nearer you see that they have very faint numbers painted onto them.  In the middle of the room is a large, ancient stone buddha.  I could have stayed in that room all day.  Just looking at the picture makes me feel calm.  I cannot wait to see what this new exhibit has to offer.

And we will, of course, spen lots of time wandering and getting lost, I’d like to explore Lido more this time and also the cemetery island.  And we will also go to sandwich shops and eat the delectable snacks from the counter while we drink prosecco under orders of the guy behind the counter.  It will be so good.

Then on the 31st we will fly to Catania in Sicily.  We will stay in Sicily until 12 September.  I have agreed to attempt to pack only a carry on bag so we can rent a Vespa (hopefully a vintage one) this means I will be on a hunt, from now until then, for clothes that are lightweight and wrinkle resistant, so I can roll them up small to squeeze them into my blue duffel bag. We’ll spend a couple days in Catania and then we’ll start exploring.  We haven’t decided where we’ll go exactly we just know we have to be in Palermo to fly back to London on 12 September.  I bought the Insight Guide to Sicily last week so this week we’ll be planning out a vague itinerary, maybe start to book  rooms, but mostly our plan so far is to keep this portion of the trip pretty loose.  We’ll mark some points on themap and make sure we have rooms lined up before we go, but the main goal for our time in Sicily is to be lazily amazed by the countryside and the views and the food and the wine and the everything.   I’ve got ideas about beaches and pools and maybe some leisurely dinners in tiny restaurants with jugs of wine, that’s right, jugs (large and plural) of wine.

So, apologies in advance, this blog is very likely about to turn into Italy zone as we plan this trip.  You’ll just have to suffer through or stop reading for the next couple months.



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4 responses to “Returns (or: No, no, no, Prosecco!)

  1. waitinginthedark

    Welcome in Italy! While u’re in Venice, if you want to have a different taste I suggest you to visit Pellestrina and to have lunch at Ristorante Da Nane, where you will taste an excellent regional cuisine.
    Sicily is full of wonders. Depending from the itinerary u will chose, don’t miss Erice or the region around Noto, famous for its baroque buildings but also for Passito, a fantastic dessert wine which I am sure you will appreciate.

  2. Carolyn,

    Jealous. So very jealous. The best coffee I’ve had was at a gas station somewhere in rural France –and it came from a vending machine. But you! You get to enjoy like, real Italian roast in Italy.

    Can’t wait to read about it. Miss you guys.

  3. Mom

    sounds great! take pictures for us.
    have you ever thought of writing travel brochures?
    you make it sound like heaven.
    good luck with the packing.

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