My friend Tom has a theory that Michael Jackson isn’t really dead but is actually testing his fans.

Tom thinks that in a few weeks’ time Jacko will rise like a phoenix and announce that instead of the planned 50 shows he will only be performing a single show and the only people allowed to attend will be those who chose to get one of the souvenir tickets instead of a refund, because they are his true fans. 

I doubt this will actually happen, I don’t even think Tom believes it will happen, but it’s a nice idea.



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2 responses to “Conspiracies

  1. My co-worker has the same theory. He was convinced that MJ would appear at his star-studded memorial service in a shower of pyrotechnics.


    • carolynintheuk

      i don’t know if i would have been impressed or disgusted had that happened. probably a mix of both

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