Scenes from the file factory

So my boss popped round to our corner of files and boxes this morning to discuss a conference call we were supposed to be having this afternnon with someone in Moscow

“So, how’s your Russian?” He asked me.

“Mostly pretend,” I said.

Sadly the call got cancelled so I won’t get to try it out.


Today’s Sicilian Update

When we arrive in Catania we will be stayiing here.  It looks really beautiful.  Sadly the agriturismo in Agrigento where they have donkey’s milk was booked up.  But we did read about a Capuchin monastary where they have mummified bodies!  Oh, those Capuchins they always bring the creepy awesome sights.

Like I needed more reasons to love Italy.



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3 responses to “Scenes from the file factory

  1. Mom

    I checked out your b&b.
    Wow does it look beautiful!
    You will have a wonderful vacation I am sue!
    Too bad about not getting to try out your Russian but maybe you dodged a bullet on that one.
    Love, Mom

  2. Didn’t the Capuchins also invent cappuccino? And those cute little monkeys? Busy monks!

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