Tiny bubbles

  • There are only 4 full weekends to get through until it is time to go to Italy.
  • It has officially been 2 months since I last touched a cigarette, even socially.
  • I have attended at least 2 parties and been to the pub a number of times since then.  These are the hardest places to avoid smoking.
  • I have also hung out with Paula, who always has menthols on offer but have said no each and every time
  • We have almost finished the 2nd season of The Wire.
  • I love The Wire (specifically: Lester Freamon, McNulty, Omar, Kima, Ziggy, and um pretty much everybody, except for that no good Levy)
  • We ate our first homegrown Zucchini this week.  It went into a Courgette (zucchini), Petit Pois (garden peas) and Ricotta (ricotta) lasagne that was delicious.
  • If I am ever on the TV show Come Dine With Me, I will serve this lasagne because it is awesome.
  • I am 75% finished with the sweater that was supposed to be Jeremy’s Chrstmukkah present.  I have maybe three inches of one sleeve, an entire sleeve and the neckline to go.
  • While it is unlikely that he will need it in Sicily or Venice, I am hopeful that it will be done before we go.
  • Summer in London appears to have ended.  I woke up today and it was chilly and rainy.  Even Oliver the cat wasn’t sure if he wanted outside.
  • Unfortunately for him, there were interlopers in the garden today.  Two new cats, both looked young and both were white with grey and black spots.  One had orange cheeks.  I like to think of him as Rusty.
  • So Oliver ran out into the murky rain and gave the youngsters a sniff and a swipe to let them know who was boss of the garden.
  • Our aubergine plants have blossoms.  They are very pretty.
  • My slug traps, little beer pools, have been very effective.  The slugs, and some of the snails, all fear me.
  • We watched The Lives of Others last night.  It was very very good.
  • 4 more weekends.  Just 4 more weekends.


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6 responses to “Tiny bubbles

  1. Dad

    “The slugs, and some of the snails, all fear me.”

    Yeah, but how about the spiders?

  2. Mom

    are you still working on your novel?
    it is such fun to read your blog it is time to get that book finished and published

  3. Mom

    oops that last comment sounded like i was nagging
    i didn’t mean too i just wanted to be encouraging
    you are such a good writer hope the writing is going along well
    that sounds better
    i need practice after so many years of doing the nagging thing….. sorry kid

  4. I LOVED The Lives of Others…couldn’t stop thinking about it for days afterward.

    I would like to “come dine with” you. Please cook that lasagne.


    • carolynintheuk

      Alannah, you must look up the show Come Dine With Me I think you would love it. they make 5 strangers host dinner parties, one each night of the week, and they all grade each other on a scale of 1-10 and the winner gets £1000. And the narrator is snarky and hilarious. It’s the hidden gem of British television

      Also The Lives of Others totally lived up to the hype, i am very glad to have seen it

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