Monkey Cat, come home!

oliver drawerOliver has been missing since Saturday afternoon.  We last saw him at approximately 3:30 in the afternoon when he followed us around the corner as we left to go to a barbecue.  He’s never stayed away from home for so long, more because he never misses his night time feedings (that’s when he gets his wet food) than because of any sort of loyalty.  I’m printing out flyers today s we can drop them through mailslots and put them on phoneposts.

Hopefully he’s just out having an adventure and his belly will bring him home soon.


Anyhow, if you find yourself around Nunhead this week, keep an eye out for him, it’s too quiet around the house with him harrassing us for food and demanding affection.  Sure there are less bite marks on my hands but given the choice between chomped up hands and an Oliver free house, I’ll take the chomped up hands any day!


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