Seriously Oliver . . .

Still no sign of the monkey cat.  We put up ten signs around the neighbourhood and dropped 90 flyers through mail slots.  I’ve emailed the flyer to a coworker with friends who live nearby and tonight we’ll put up some more signs.  I’ve also put it up on the East Dulwich Forum and have received one response relating a possible sighting of Oliver near a train station about a mile and a half away from our house.  It sounds unlikely but I’m going to wander around the area tonight to see if maybe he managed to make it over there despite the many busy roads he would have had to cross.

Our neighbour’s cat, Inka (known to us as Bob, they called Oliver Sebastien) has been missing for just over 2 weeks now.  She’s also a black and white mog and we put a bunch of our signs next to or below the signs about her.  Maybe tonight will be the night he comes back.  I hope so.  It’s weird not having him around.  I’m used to waking up with either his nose in my face or his teeth in my feet.


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