Day 4, no cat

STILL no sign of Oliver.  I know cats often go missing for weeks and then return as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred, but this is beginning to feel dire.  I really want my cat back.

We had a call at about 10:30 last night from a lady who thought she saw him on her way home from the bus stop.  She said she was pretty sure it was him but that his collar was missing.  By the time we got to where she’d seen this possible Oliver there was nary a cat in sight.  This morning Jeremy got an email from someone who saw another maybe Oliver near the pub between our house and that location.  Neither of these is far from our house though and if it were Oliver making these phantom appearances why wouldn’t he just come home?  I know he can’t get in without his magnetic tag to open the cat flap, but he could still wait it out in the garden.  But cats aren’t logical and this might not be him.  I am simultaneously trying not to give up hope and not to become hopeless.  It’s a fine and miserable line to walk. 

Today I’m meeting some friends for a couple drinks after wrok and Jeremy is going to put up some signs in the estate near the pub.  When I come home I will get off the bus one stop early and see if maybe he’s hiding near the stop or anywhere else along the way.


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4 responses to “Day 4, no cat

  1. I am sending all kinds of good vibes your way. COME BACK, OLIVER!

    When my friend lost his cat, he put out one of those humane traps with some food inside and caught him. The theory was that the cat was hanging around but wasn’t piping up to say, “Here I am! I’ve lost my key! Let me in please!” Sounded far-fetched, but it worked.

    • carolynintheuk

      i hadn’t even thought of something like that, it sounds kind of brilliant. where can you get one of these humane traps, would a vet have them?

      • My friend got his trap from a hardware store. In his case, I guess his cat was just so freaked about being locked out that he’d been cowering in the shrubbery for most of a week.

        If new cats have appeared in your neighborhood, there could be a turf war underway and they are trying to keep Oliver away. Plus, if they had tussled with him, he might have lost his magnetic collar that way.

        • carolynintheuk

          thanks! most the new cats have been generally friendly, plus they are all smaller. but he does tussle sometimes so it’s a definite possibility.

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