There was another maybe sighting of Oliver on Saturday on the other side of the allotments near our house.  We went over to investigate and discovered a black and white cat with a blue collar who was not Oliver at all.  It was hard to keep the dejection from coming through as we thanked the very nice man who had tried so hard to help us out.  But our thanks were sincere, if tinged with sadness, and I imagine (as a cat owner himself) that he understood.

Other than that, there’s still been no sign of Oliver anywhere.  We’ve put his litter box outside in the hopes that the smell of himself might bring him back.  We’ve set some dry food in the window sill as well.  Both have remained untouched. Hopefully this week he will find his way back.

In other Maybe news I am thinking of starting a new blog project.  The idea is sort of cribbed from the AV Club, and really any number of blogs, where they have a few series running right now, like My Year of Flops and Nashville or Bust, where the authour spends a year devoting his or her time to watching movies that failed commercially or listening to country western music.

There’s a woman out there right now who’s wearing the same dress every day (with different accessories).

What I was thinking of doing was devoting a year of my life to genre literature.  This could be a multi-year project with many genres covered.  Romance, Mystery, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Noir, etc.  My initial plan (and by plan disjointed thoughts I was thinking as I tried to fall asleep last night) was to start with romance novels as for the last couple years they have been my go to books whenever I start to feel stressed out.  I like to think I could examine these books with an awesome mix of humour, critical thinking and, you know, fun.

If I were to do something like this would you, dear reader(s), follow me on my epic genre reading journey?  Would you care?  What would be a good name for this project?  Has someone else already done it?  Does that even matter?



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2 responses to “Maybes

  1. I love the idea of a series. Go for it! I, for one, will certainly follow your escapades. Unfortunately, I have no clever ideas for titles, as my coffee has not kicked in yet.

    • carolynintheuk

      thanks Stacy, i was thinking maybe for the first one, something like Romantical Year, and then on to Mysterious Year, Fantastical Year and so forth. And I was thinking too that I ought to dig out my old lit theory books to add an extra layer to the project

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