True Stories

So today, true fact, my boss emails me the following “Thank you, as ever you demonstrate the epitome of efficiency and professionalism!”  Kind of in jest, but pretty much because I am so full of awesome.

All I could think when I received this, after a rueful laugh (his request was fairly simple after all and as mentioned, the response was kind of in jest) was whether or not it would be inappropriate to respond: Why thank you, the last time I was called the epitome of anything it was the epitome of a man-hating feminist.  This is clearly sign of growth in both my professional and personal life.  If only because I no longer date boys with long term girlfriends they ‘forget’ to mention.  But really, does it honestly make you a man-hater because you shouted at a liar in 1998?  I’ll take the feminist portion of that label, but let’s change man-hater to liar-hater in the interest of accuracy. And then in order to reflect my growth and maturity, here in 2009, we shall add efficient and professional.  Yep, efficient, professional, liar-hating, feminist.  Word.

I just said thanks instead.



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3 responses to “True Stories

  1. monstrosity

    Sure, maybe that wouldn’t have been the professional way to respond, but I love that you thought of it.

    I think you demonstrate the epitome of funny, awesome, kind, and clever.

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