The Cat Came Back

No, for real, the cat came back!

Last night after a couple calls regarding possible sightings (including one from the elderly Greek man down the road who’d been leaving squid out for him “I took a picture of him so you could see if it was him, but it is on black and white film so will not be developed for a week.”) We came home from a trip to Ikea and shouted for him a couple times not really expecting anything to come of it when we saw the shape of a small cat just hurtling down the road at top speed.  And then the shape began to take on color, white paws, black ears, and I said “Oh my God,” and then there was Oliver.  Meowing and skinnier than he was when we last saw him two Saturdays ago but looking healthy and well.

Both Jeremy and I had given up all realistic hope of ever seeing him again and are still feeling pretty totally shocked at his return.  But happy, really really happy.

Now he’s on house arrest while he thinks about what he’s done (lots of hookers and blow probably, what else do cats do when they disappear for 9 lousy days?) and until we can get him to the vet for his yearly shots, a microchip and a basic check to make sure he’s fit.

So, hooray for unexpected returns (also for surviving the trip to Ikea)

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One response to “The Cat Came Back

  1. monstrosity

    One less than the magic ten days, huh? I wonder what that is. Maybe there is a cat spirit quest that takes about ten days or something. Slower than a human one because they have to take lots of naps.

    That elderly Greek man sounds too cute.

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