Pop music

I am not typically a fan of autotune.  I do not typically enjoy songs sung by robots (songs ABOUT robots are, of course, something else entirely) but I really like the song Supernova by Kanye West and Mr Hudson.  I love that it deals with class issues as well as love, I love that Mr Hudson looks sort of like Sick Boy from Trainspotting.  I love how earnest it is, for some reason really earnest love songs, regardless of lyrical quality always seem to make me very happy. I love Kanye West (actually a good autotune rule of thumb is that if it involves Kanye I’m okay with it.  If it involves The Black Eyed Peas I am not okay with it.  I also love that Mr Hudson’s band is called The Library.  I think that’s nice, more bands should have bookish names. Here is a youtube link.  Hopefully it will work.  If not I will fix it when I get home.

In other news Gird Your Loins and 365 Days of Heaving Bosoms are tied for the lead in the poll below.  I’m leaning towards 365 Days of Heaving Bosoms as it would be the easiest to adapt for other genres but am willing to be convinced otherwise if you feel strongly about any of the other names on offer.  I know at least one person is a big fan of Tumescence (buut then what girl isn’t? Hi yo!)



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2 responses to “Pop music

  1. monstrosity

    The more I think about it, the more I want Tumescence to be the title. Then again, if you decide not to use it, maybe I can steal it and use it for something. I don’t know what.

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