Veterinary Appointments

We took Oliver to the vet this weekend.  This sort of thing is stressful even under the best circumstances but in our current situation we get to add the stress of having a cat who was even more violently opposed than normal to getting into the carrier, seriously it was like he’d been possessed by that same demon who possessed Marlena on Days of Our Lives in the summer of 95, but with more claws.  Then we had to take one bus (with meowing children) to another bus, to the vet.  We got there a little late and found a waiting room full of angry cats and annoyed people, plus one slightly crazy lady who was speaking as loudly as possible about the feral cat she’d taken in recently who was missing a chunk of his tail and oh, there was blood everywhere.

We got called in by my favorite vet at the practice, a really lovely Scottish woman whose affection for the animals is clear and obvious.  We told her the sad story of Oliver’s Disappearance and she agreed with us that he had probably been stuck somewhere.  She weighed him, and he tried to escape, I grabbed him and put him back on the scale, then she gave him his booster shots (he was overdue for those when he went missing) as I held him and he hissed.  Then she gave me some thick leather gloves and pulled out a scary needle that was used to insert a microship into his neck.  He was given a clean bill of health, though she said he could stand to gain back about 100 more grams so we bought him some snacks to help further the cause.

And then it was back on the bus to the other bus to home where he was once more released into the wilds of Nunhead.  He’s been sticking fairly close to home and kept popping back in every other hour or so as he reaquaints himself with all the smells of his territory.

Also done this weekend:

  • blackberries harvested from the cemetery and then mixed into vegan corn muffins
  • one barbecue attended
  • too much cheap rose’ drunk
  • resulting in two vicious hangovers on Sunday
  • vegan burritos made and eaten
  • multiple movies watched, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (original), ET, The Apartment, War Games, part of Karate Kid 2
  • Some tears shed over ET, I always forget how sad that movie is (when ET says ‘I’ll be right here.’ And touches Elliot’s head I totally lost it.

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