What I did on my summer vacation

  1. Got attacked by mutant mosquitos in Venice
  2. Seriously they were horrifying.  The bites turned into blisters so that they were full of puss, painful and itchy.
  3. Also they were very red.  I am very pale.  I looked like a leper.  there is an island for lepers near Venice (well not anymore really, but it was) I am surprised I was not sent there.
  4. Saw some really great art.
  5. Infi-nitum at Palazzo Fortuny was, as expected, wonderful.  I am still a bigger fan of the first part Artempo but this final piece of the exhibition was great.  I wanted to move into the top floor of the museum and live on the old sofa in the corner under the giant white discs that looked like massive seeds hanging from the ceiling with Fortuny fabric draped walls all around me.  I would be happy to live there, forever and ever and ever
  6. Ate a surprisingly delicious meal on our first night in Venice at a restaurant called La Bitta.  Venice is not a gastronomic city so we were shocked at the quality of our food.  Pennette with zucchini and pumpkin flowers in a white wine sauce and gnocchi with a pumpkin and cheese sauce.  Only regret:  we were too full for dessert
  7. And so much art.  Some of it mediocre and perplexing but much of it amazing.
  8. When we got to Marco Polo Airport we discovered that the airline we were supposed to be using to fly to Catania, Sicily had closed down.  This was not a pleasant discovery.
  9. We were able to buy other cheap tickets on another airline once the info booth opened at 5:30 in the morning.
  10. We were not able to pay with credit card though because the machines at Marco Polo don’t work before 7:30 in the morning.
  11. We arrived in Catania to discover that the co-owner of our B&B was a Londoner who usually stays in Nunhead when he returns for visits.
  12. On day 2 we tried to drive around Mt Etna but when we arrived in the small town of Randazzo discovered that we were not feeling well at all
  13. Returned to B&B
  14. Did not leave B&B until it was time to drive to Milazzo to get the ferry to Lipari
  15. Still feeling ill, arrived in Lipari.
  16. Went out to dinner on first night, regretted this almost immediately.
  17. Returned to agriturismo
  18. Stayed at agriturismo (which was lovely with views of the sunset over the sea and fragrant flowers and a roof terrace and there were kittens and kestrels, it was not a bad place to convalesce we were just very tired of feeling unwell)
  19. In Milazzo felt well enough to go to the beach of a couple hours
  20. The beach was beautiful, lots of small pebbles, no sand, and clear warm water.
  21. Returned to B&B, returned to sickness
  22. FINALLY one week after beginning to feel ill, felt well enough to sight see again.
  23. VALLEY OF TEMPLES!  I loved this place.  there were so many temples, some still partially in tact.  We could see two of them from the breakfast terrace at our B&B
  24. We also saw the Scala dei Turchi and loads of amazing old churches
  25. More mosquitos bit me.  None as horrifying as those in Venice though
  26. And finally on to Palermo where we stayed in t he former home of Giuseppi Tomasi de Lampedusa, author of the Leopard
  27. As mentioned before, Palermo was sort of weird and beautiful and strange.  I’m still thinking about it a lot.  Deciding what I think about it.
  28. Were driven to the airport by an insane taxi driver.  Thought I was going to die at least 10 times.
  29. Happily returned home safe and sound.
  30. Pictures to come later, maybe tonight.

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