What I did on My Summer Vacation: Visual Aids

This picture has been brought to you by the 1970s.  Both Jeremy and I look like we are from the mid 70s.  Also, Jeremy was doing some sort of strange dance behind me.  I don’t know what or why he was doing what he was doing, but the look on his face cracks me up.  Also the temple in the background was in honor of the Cthonic Deities.  You know, the underworld crew.  I was standing on a sacrificial altar.  Never got to do that on vacations in the States.

Next up I bring you a view of the Turkish Steps a view from the top of the Turkish Steps.

The Turkish Steps were used by Saracen Pirates to climb the cliffs so they could maraud and plunder and heave ho and all that.

This is the view from our rooftop terrace in Lipari

The owners of the B&B in Lipari had 5 cats.  This one liked to follow Jeremy around.  There was a grey and orange one who made me her mark but we didn’t get a picture of her



This is from the wine bar with the cave in Catania.  I don’t think I realised that Jeremy had inculded me in the picture, which is the only explanation I have for the face I was making

Here are some photos of art from the Biennale

1.  A sculpture made of film and a projector.  The film was moving and feeding into the projector which was showing a movie on the wall.

2. A cool painting that I liked.

It says “I must make more maps.” at the bottom.  It’s true, I should make more maps.

3. A room full of wire spheres that you could walk through, I am the aqua blue thing behind the sphere

This is me waiting for the vaporetto to Burano, where they make lace and have brightly painted houses.  This picture illustrates two things, 1.  I look pretty cute when I’m in Italy.  2. How do you know that English tourists are around?  Look for signs advertising TOAST.  Only the English would come to Italy and be all like, ‘You know what sounds good?  No not a pizza, not pasta with zucchini flowers, not gelato, no I could totally go for some toast.’

And this is Burano.

This is a room in the Contemporary Art Gallery in Palermo that was exactly half full of balloons.  You could play in it.   I loved it.  I don’t remember what the signifigance was of it being half full of balloons, I just remember it was fun.

This is my shoe that died.  See there’s a hole in the sole.  I remember when I could wear a pair of Converse every day for like 3 straight years and the soles would be the last thing to fall apart.  I bought these shoes a year ago.  What is the world coming too?  Why Converse, why?

And this is a very creepy puppet from the Marionette Museum in Palermo.


There are loads more pictures on my Facebook profile.  If you have any desire to see them, let me know and I will send you a link.



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2 responses to “What I did on My Summer Vacation: Visual Aids

  1. keri

    i know why. cause Converse are owned by Nike and Nike produce shit shoes. pics of holiday are awesome.

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