My Stomach Hates Me, True Fact

So I’ve been trying to take a more pro-active approach to my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) situation lately.  Because it sucks.  Seriously, totally sucks.   So I went to see my GP and she ran some tests and then did Ye Olde English Doctor Shoulder Shrugge and printed out some vague info sheets for me.

So I’m trying to be proactive on my own and as a result have ordered this book and this book  in the hopes that they might help.  The trouble with IBS, you see, is that it is a vague illness.  There’s no real cause for it, and while the symptoms are real nobody really knows what you should do about it other than react to it once it kicks off.  And I’m tired of that, really, really, REALLY tired of it.  So I’m hoping to try and control it just the tiniest bit.

In the interest of fulfilling this goal I’m hoping you dear reader(s) might be able to help.  Do any of you know of any particularly good resources that might shed some light on my digestive health?  I’ll take any suggestions I can get.



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6 responses to “My Stomach Hates Me, True Fact

  1. I don’t have any answers, but I will seek out the advice of my esteemed nursing school colleagues and faculty!

  2. Chrissy

    I also suffer under IBS’s unmerciful hand and have done so for about 5 yrs now. I totally empathise with your flare ups! Have you tried taking an acidopholous everyday? I think that helps my own condition a little, although that could be wishful thinking. Also, I actually found it beneficial to keep a log of what foods I was eating and then deduce that certain things made my tummy worse – I wasn’t paying close enough attention to myself to realise that broccoli makes me keel over in pain for days.
    The worst thing about IBS is never knowing why it happens. I spend half the year convinced that I have some sort of weird Farrah Fawcett-esque condition, but the doctors always give me the same shoulder shrug and send me on my way.

  3. Ugh, I hear you. We spent several months earlier this year getting all kinds of tests done on my hubby because they told him his symptoms looked like “a textbook case of colon cancer.” Scary scary stuff. When all the tests showed he did NOT have that or any other variety of the “C” word, they shrugged and basically said, “It must be IBS.”

    This book has helped around our house:

    • carolynintheuk

      I’ve just started reading Irritable Bowel Solutions and it looks really useful so far (I have to keep a poo diary which is a little weird but key to sorting out the process).

      The whole IBS diagnosis is really frustrating because it just seems to give drs the excuse to tell you that they don’t know what to do and then give up trying.

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