Search Terms and Literary Help

Today someone found this very site with the following search terms:

is he a reliable narrator – on the road

Here’s a little free help for you, friend.

Oh my god, dude, no, he’s not.  He’s drunk for, like, the whole book.  Probably high too.  Sal Paradise is maybe the least reliable narrator ever.  Happily this does not stop him from being entertaining and insightful and saying many beautiful things.  His lack of reliability is all part of the fun.  Now get off the internet and go climb a mountain, or steal some groceries or meet a girl on the bus.  Stop worrying about books and live life.


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One response to “Search Terms and Literary Help

  1. H

    Hee hee! I wonder if the fact that dear Sal isn’t reliable would actually negatively impact someone’s enjoyment of the book…Because they’re all mad, aren’t they? And, isn’t that, in addition to the sheer joy & brilliance of life, the point?

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