Bruce’s List

  1. Oliver is currently being bullied by a large cat named Bruce.
  2. We hate Bruce.
  3. Bruce’s owners might try to convince you that Oliver is the bully.  This would be a lie.  Don’t listen to anyone associated with Bruce.
  4. Bruce is full of lies.
  5. Now that I am mostly healthy again, Jeremy is sick.  He blames me.
  6. I blame Bruce
  7. There is a new fresh hot off the presses super exciting entry over on 365 Days of Heaving Bosoms about a book with a character who cares about filing.  Oh, if only he were real.
  8. The 22nd of this very month will be Jeremy’s last night DJing at the Gowlett.  If you are in South East London you should come out.  The music will be good and the pizza will be tasty.
  9. In December we go back to Butlins for another ATP.  Stephen Malkmus and Modest Mouse and Devendra Banhart and Deerhoof will all be there and lots of others too.
  10. It will be cold.
  11. I will pack plenty of sweaters.
  12. And then it will be Christmas time and that means a four day weekend because Boxing Day is on a Saturday this year. 
  13. Boxing Day is the best.
  14. Dollywood costs like 50 some odd dollars for a single ticket.  This seems like a lot of money to me.
  15. But I still really want to go to Dollywood.
  16. I bet it’s Bruce’s fault

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