Personal Best (of the Decade), part 1

I’m doing these in order of how I remember them, so really big and really small will all be mixed up, exact dates given where remembered.

  • 1st April 2003 – Best proposal ever, not just of the decade – Jeremy proposed to me at a comedy film night that our friend Rusty was hosting on April Fool’s Day.  He made a movie of himself holding signs that had one word each reading: Carolyn Kohl will you marry me?  I knew we were going to get married, but it was still a surprise.  The main thing I remember from that night is laughing happily
  • 30 May 2004 – Reader, I married him.  We got married in Port Huron at the Harrington Inn and had our reception at the Fogcutter.  I wore blue, he had typewriter key cufflinks.  Maybe it’s a little cliché to mention an engagement and a wedding right off the bat, but this was a very big deal in the history of my life.
  • July 2000 – I moved to Chicago.  The first year was hard, but the next 5 years were so completely full of amazing stuff.  I made some truly great friends and learned how to be myself again after that miserable half-year in Las Vegas.
  • June 2000 – Leaving Las Vegas – Actually maybe this was May.  I don’t remember for sure, I had bronchitis a lot that year.  Anyhow, I started driving in my U-Haul (that I financed by selling my car) at 5 AM in the morning, I had plans to play the song Hoover Dam by Sugar as I drove over the actual Hoover Dam but was too awed by the actual Hoover Dam to swap out the mix tape I was listening to.  I drove back to Michigan aver the course of 2.5 days.  I slept in the U-Haul with 2 angry cats and a bad case of chronic bronchitis.  In New Mexico I had really delicious fried chicken, in Indiana I started to hallucinate deer while entertaining paranoid delusions about a great trucker conspiracy, in Oklahoma I started to sweat again and almost cried with joy at feeling humidity for the first time since December.  And then I cam back to the Mid-West.
  • February 2001 – Art School Library – I got a job in a library.  At an art school.  I got paid to order and look at books.  My boss gave me a portion of the budget to improve the fiction section.  My coworker Michael told me stories about seeing the Ramones in New York.  My coworker Wayne schooled me on Cher.  I lectured the student workers on how I didn’t want to hear how tired they were and how much work they had to do, I worked 2 jobs when I was your age and drank a lot more you little babies!  As much as that job drove me crazy at the time, I really loved it too.
  • 5 January 2005 – London Calling – We flew to London from Chicago on a snowy afternoon.  Jeremy sold his car to a coworker that morning so the receptionist ordered us a car.  It was a limo.  We were sleep deprived and slap happy and spent the ride from Oakbrook to O’Hare giggling like little kids.  We’d been flying back and forth between Chicago and London for the previous six months so our internal clocks were all messed up and we never knew what time it was anywhere.  But, we were on our way.  I remember waving goodbye as we flew out over Lake Michigan and then waving hello as we flew over London.  We had already rented our first flat in East Dulwich so we went straight there and took a short nap, it’s always funny to me that the first thing I did on moving to London was take a nap.
  • Autumn 2003 – Blue Boots – On a trip to Toronto with my friends I bought the most awesome pair of boots ever.  A pale blue pair of motorcycle boots from the Fluevog shop.  I wore them into work today.  The blue boots are from God.  I will love them forever and ever.  They are timeless and perfect. 
  • Summer 2001 – Rosemont Ave. – In 2001 I moved into an apartment on Rosemont Ave in Edgewater with my friend Dana.  It had a pretty little porch, big airy rooms and a totally bonkers landlord.  I lived there with her until early 2004.  Some of my favorite memories involve watching Gilmore Girls and 6 Ft Under in the front room while smoking cigarettes and drinking wine bought from Hahns on Devon where Mr Hahn always greeted us by saying “Hello pretty ladies!  How you tonight?” and talking and laughing and hanging out at Cunneens or The Sovereign drinking beer and fighting over my juke box selections.  I love Jeremy and all, but I still miss living with Dana sometimes (this is probably not reciprocal, I am a slob, people hate living with me, only the strongest ties of friendship can survive my slovenliness).

Okay, 8’s good for now.  More later.


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