Just watch your back

I don’t know what or why it’s happening but I have got a bad case of the mean reds today, wait no, not the mean reds, I just looked those up and they are about anxiety even though they sound like they’re about inexplicable crankiness. 

Seriously, I would just as soon punch you as look at you today.  And I have no idea why.  I’d like to blame Snow Patrol for singing Set Fire to the Third Bar (the only Snow Patrol song I like) with Cheryl Cole rather than Martha Wainwright on the television last night (For real with Cheryl Cole!   Just sing it with a cat in a bag, Lightbody!  Don’t throw over a Wainwright for a Girl Aloud, I don’t care if it is for charity!) but really, that’s just a song and pop music is no reason to feel such general anger and disdain towards the world at large.

Willie is a good 3 weeks away so I can’t blame that.  Maybe I’m just mean?  Jeremy always tells me he loves me because I’m a good sweet person who genuinely cares about others and tries to do the right thing, but I think he might be blinded by love or too many vegetables or all that loud hardcore he used to listen to in the mid-90s gave him poor judgement about the niceness of women.

So, for real, just keep your distance until I perk up, which will hopefully happen soon.  I’ve got a dinner to go to tonight and then drag caberet after and this is no time to be such a grumpy cow.


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