Buzzy! My Man!

Image from linked Etsy siteSo it turn’s out Buzzy wasn’t a ginner. 

Nor was his day so busy. 

In fact the book is actually titled The Day Busy Buzzy Stopped Being Busy and it only took a few days of creative searching on google to figure that out. 



But I was right about the goldfish bowl and the very dangerous chair standing. 

Oh Buzzy, when will you learn?


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2 responses to “Buzzy! My Man!

  1. Mom

    I could swear that kid had red hair too.
    I think the book was about the first day of school.
    Anyway I can’t believe you found it.
    Now go have a very busy buzzy day.
    You’re a hoot!

    • carolynintheuk

      It was about his first day of school and how he wouldn’t be around to help his mother and the dog and the cat and the fish anymore. If you click on the link there are a few pages scanned, one of which features a very relieved looking cat and dog.

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