It’s not all heroics at the bus stop.

An accounting of my weekend in list form

  • On Friday I received my new coffee maker.  It has a timer and a permanent filter and I love it.  Since I received said coffee maker at the office I had to beg a large carrier bag off a co-worker and then lug my lovely, if somewhat awkward to carry coffee maker around all evening long.
  • Upon leaving work I met up with Jeremy and some friends at The Boot and Flogger where we drank delicious Spanish sherry and discussed the Primavera festival at length.  Jeremy is still on the fence about attending this.  I am not.  I am ready to buy tickets now.
  • After before dinner sherry we moved on our merry way to Champor Champor for delicious Malaysian food.  Well, Malaysian fusion to be precise.  Delicious is the most important part though.
  • From there we went to see the play Money which is being put on by this art collective called Shunt.  I didn’t get it.  Nobody I went with got it.  We all liked it, it was cool to look at and we got a glass of champagne as part of the show.  But we didn’t get it.  Jeremy claims he read something that claimed it was based on a play by Zola.  Doesn’t matter, I still didn’t get it.
  • On Saturday the chimney sweep (yes that’s right, a chimney sweep) arrived at 8am.  Jeremy thought the appointment was for 8:30.  Jeremy was wrong, therefore he was the one who had to run downstairs in his bathrobe to let the chimney sweep in.
  • The chimney sweep did not dance or sing ‘Step in Time’. He also did not bring any malnourished orphans with him. Without their tiny hands involved in the process, I simply refuse to believe that my chimney has been suitably swept.
  • I got a haircut later in the morning, chin length, more layers, less fringe (bangs in American).  The stylist, a nice man named Mark, informed me that if I want to maintain a messy style (I do) that I need to be sure to dry it properly, like with a hair dryer, and then to mess it up.  Not that I don’t believe in following the guidelines set forth by professionals, and not that I don’t think Mark knows what he’s talking about.  But, seriously, I master the messy look in 1995 when I cut off all my hair and started washing it with Ivory soap instead of shampoo.  A hair dryer is not required.  In fact, and this is a personal style secret, guard it with your life! the best way to achieve the messy look (if the Ivory soap starts to make your hair look more unwashed than washed (not that that’s ever happened to me)) is to shower in the evening and sleep on it wet.  Brush it when you wake up, and then walk to the bus stop without a hat.  Voila! C’est manufique! I know, I know, I’ve totally blown your mind, you thought I used all this product and five blowdryers each morning, but no, this was all a clever ruse on my part.  The secret to looking like you don’t care is largely not caring.  Or not caring after you’ve dropped a wad of cash on a haircut that can take care of itself, anyhow.
  • After being lectured at the hair salon we went to Brixton and had pizza and Franca Manca a pizza place in Brixton Market.  We had to wait for about 20 minutes to get a table, but the pizza was as good as any we had in Naples.  Which is to say, the pizza was super delicious.  The experience was stressful, because it was crowded and the owner kept attacking the chef with stacks of menus and there wasn’t much room to eat.  But it was okay because the food was awesome.
  • Then we went to check out The Rest is Noise where we drank a pint each and Jeremy trounced me at Battleship.  Turns out I am not so good as I used to be at this game.
  • From there it was on to the Brixton Ritzy to watch Bunny and the Bull, an interesting, but sort of eh in terms of story, film.  Really stunning to watch though.  I think the website I’ve linked to gives a decent impression of how the film looks and feels.  Also we know the editor, and are therefore slightly famous by association.
  • And then it was off to our friend Caz’s potluck birthday dinner.  It was a tapas themed evening and there was tons of delicious food and wine.  It felt sort of like a surprise Thanksgiving to Jeremy and I (of course, we were most thankful for Caz, obviously!) and even though I left a bit early (the cocktails came out and I saw a Sunday full of hangover in my possible future) I had a really excellent time.  It was nice to be sat around a table with lots of friends eating, and laughing and talking.
  • Sunday I tried very hard to replicate my word count from the previous week but really only manged to update my Facebook status a lot.  I did plonk out about 3 pages, so that’s better than no pages, but still, frustrating.
  • Finally Jeremy and I made a carrot and cashew curry (v. good), lemon rice (also v. good)and biryani spiced pumpkin (not as successful as we’d hoped) and then watched Wall-E before going to bed.
  • And now after a morning spent chasing a soggy Oliver around with a towel and then exclaiming at his bloodied eyebrow and missing whiskers, oh, and drinking coffee, I am back in the file factory keeping things organised and easy to locate.


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2 responses to “It’s not all heroics at the bus stop.

  1. alice

    Yep, based on Zola.

    We saw it too. I thought it was deliberately fracturing the narrative to mean there wasn’t something to ‘get’. But maybe I was over-intellectualising my ignorance 🙂

    • carolynintheuk

      No you could totally be right. But why even bother with a narrative at all then? Not that it really matters, it was a fun show and I enjoyed seeing it. Not totally sure if it was worth 20 squid though

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