Health wise

The arthritis is inching back into my joints.  So far my left side is taking the brunt of it. Time to make my yoga routine less occasional and more, well more of an actual routine, really.  The pain’s not horrible, it’s just there, all the time, waiting.  And that is frustrating.  I want to be able to run to catch my bus or go upstairs in my house without a regular hitch of pain or a limp.  But what you want and what you get don’t always match up.

In Irritable Bowel related news I seem to have found a solution of sorts for my symptoms.  after purchasing the book Irritable Bowel Solutions I kept a poo diary, took some quizzes and made some discoveries.  It turns out my system was holding onto things for too long and then once it was all packed in everything would burst forth with great urgency.  So what I thought was IBS defined by regular cases of the Trotskies was actually a mix of the Trotskies and the (what’s a good code word for constipation?) constipation.  The good professor who wrote said book suggested cleaning my system out fully and then starting on a regimen of bulk forming laxatives every day.  This keeps everything moving at a regular pace and cuts down on pain and discomfort as well.  So now I start every day with 1.5 Tbsp linseed mixed into my yogurt and then a bunch of water and the change has been tremendous.  I’ve been doing this for just over 2 months now and have barely had any problems at all.  I didn’t even realise how bloated I’d gotten from the intestinal distress untill I wasn’t bloated anymore.  I’m also taking an extra B6 supplement around my ladies’ period to help keep the old hormones balanced as the good professor claims this will help too.  All in all, this is a very nice change of pace.

Sadly though, my stress seems to be moving on to headache land, which is not great, but still, it’s more manageable than indeterminate stomach pains.  And is also probably related to this cold that neither I nor anybody else in London seems to be able to shake off lately.

So, really, all in all, not too terrible. In fact there’s one very big positive going on.  Who knew that linseeds would be the way forward like this?


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