Weekend, weekend, weekend

That title is a loose reference to an old commercial that played all the time when I was a teenager.  I think it was for Kohl’s and it featured a woman standing outside the store going “open open open open open” in a funny voice.  It gets referenced a fair amount in my home as we are two Southeastern Michiganders left afloat in this sea of British pop culture references so we cling to our old favorites.  Isaiah Thomas PSAs get quoted with alarming regularity at The Villa.

But this is not the point. 

The point is that this weekend is Ten Years of ATP and I am very excited about it.  Currently the band I am most looking forward to seeing is Deerhoof because a) I’ve never seen them live before and b) I used to think they were kind of crap but now I really like them. As ever, the band I care the least about is Shellac.  And yes, I am aware that in the past my distaste for Shellac has been used as proof that I hate music but I would posit to you dear reader(s) that my distaste for Shellac is actually proof that I hate boring, overrated guitar driven rock.  I swim against the tide friends, I refuse to be pulled under by the group think surrounding the supposed genius of Steve Albini.  Actually I like a lot of the work he’s produced, honest, just not Shellac.  He probably is a little bit genius, but god, that band bores me to tears.  Jeremy’s always looking at me with sad eyes saying ‘But they just grab you right here, you know?’ while he hits himself in the stomach like a caveman.  But I don’t know.  Somehow I am immune.

I am also looking forward to Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, Modest Mouse, The Breeders (although the two of them are clashing, decisions will be made on the day), Tortoise, and many many others.  Last time my favourites ended up being acts I had never heard of before (Yann Tiersen and tUnEyArDs = awesomeness) so I’m hoping for maybe 1 similar moment of discovery.

No matter what, it will be good to get out of London for a long weekend.  Even though Minehead isn’t my typical first choice for a weekend away, it is on the sea and it will be full of good music and friends and fun.  Now I just need to remember where I put my earplugs.


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