Oh snap X 199!

The next person to comment on this very page will be commenter 200!

This could be your big moment in the sun of the internet, go on, be #200 and I’ll say something nice about you, I’ll even try to mean it!

You’ll be famous (among the few people who read this blog, most of whom appear to be looking lists of scary things, info about the Go-Gos, what makes a narrator reliable and whether or not Jack Kerouac was a mama’s boy (yes, yes he was)).

So go on, do it, become popular and loved and adored.  It’ll be awesome!

ETA it’s the lovely Ola!  She’s #200!  Go to her link at the right and look at her amazing music boxes.  Buy some even, they are very full of awesome


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2 responses to “Oh snap X 199!

  1. Ola

    Yeah, him, Elvis, Liberace, and Freud. Strangely, I wouldn’t have wanted to be any of these guys’ mamas. (Well except for Liberace MAYBE)

    Okay, is it me, is it me? Validate me please!

  2. carolynintheuk

    it is totally you! !

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