Back from the music mines

Ten Years of ATP was really good.

My absolute top favorites on the music front were Battles and múm. 

The Battles set was so much goddamn fun!  I jumped around a lot.  And the band seemed to be having all sorts of fun as well and that makes a huge difference.

múm made lots of lush beautiful noises and even had one song that featured kazoos.  My friend Paula bowled next to one of the singers earlier in the day and said she seemed like a very happy person.

My absolute least favorites were Sunn O))) who do this minimalist super loud rock business that made my whole body hurt.  Some people really like this sort of thing.  I think those people are wrong.  Although I did miss their second set which I hear featured laser hands. So, really, what do I know?

I also tried to watch some Shellac again, thinking that maybe, like pistachios and blue cheese, a little time away would make me like them more.  But no, a little time away did nothing to improve my relationship with this band.  In fact it made them more boring than ever.

Lots of other good stuff happened too.  Here’s a list:

  • Discovering that two of Jeremy’s friends from high school were in a band playing on Sunday.
  • Dancing to Jim Carroll’s song People Who Have Died during one of the DJ sets.
  • Playing air hockey (even though I lost a lot)
  • Warren Ellis’s descriptions of what all the Dirty Three’s songs are about (‘This is a song about making all the emo kids work in fish and chip shops . . . )
  • Hanging out with my friends watching the likes of Wizard People, Dear Readers and Beardo (although I should very much like to erase Hobo Fon Sex from my brain forever) and Superstar and the X Factor final.
  • Seeing Devendra Banhart dancing to Sunn O))), which is not something I would have thought possible.
  • Discussions about why some bands need more than one drummer
  • Amazement at the addition of a third and fourth drummer at the end of The Melvins set
  • Amazement that my ears still work.
  • Winning 25 prize tickets on the Sponge Bob game
  • Seeing and hearing the likes of: Papa M, The For Carnation, Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, The Dirty Three, Modest Mouse, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Devendra Banhart, Explosions in the Sky, Six Organs of Admittance and many others

I didn’t have a Holy Shit moment this time (As in, Holy Shit this band is amazing and I am so glad that I now know they exist!) but since I had two when we went in May I guess that’s all right.  It’s hard to be back in normal life now where I don’t have a concert to go to every 15 minutes, but I’m managing to get back to normal.


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