Another one bites the ice

I just narrowly avoided doing a full on face plant at my bus stop this morning when I slipped on the ice while trying to check to see if the bus was coming.  It was an especially graceful move on my part and was witnessed by at least 4 people.  One of whom was kind enough to help me up and assist me in collecting all the crap that fell out of my pockets. 

I managed to turn sideways so jammed my left shoulder and right index finger rather than concussing myself.  Small blessings, right?

In other bus related news, on Monday the 4th I’ll be going in to make a statement with the police regarding the bus driver incident I witnessed so the cyclist can move forward with pressing charges.  I’ve decided to take the day off work as well and am thinking I’ll have a wander around town after doing my civic duty at the poe-lice station.

And now I have only three days left of work this week.  And then three days of work total next week.  They will each feel very long but I will fight through like a soldier.


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