Happy Christmas

Hey, you, yeah you.

Have a happy Christmas,  if you’re into that sort of thing. 

We call it Chrismukkah round ours.  Cause you know, Jeremy’s Jewish and I’m not and all.

It is celebrated by drinking at least one Bloody Mary each day, doing a jigsaw puzzle and watching lots of movies.  Roasted chestnuts also get eaten.  Also, I will probably wear my pyjamas for 4 days straight.

It’s pretty awesome.  You’re welcome to steal the idea (we partially stole it from The O.C., we;ve just improved upon it).  It’s a good one. 

So yeah, have a good one.


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One response to “Happy Christmas

  1. Mom

    Well even though your celebration sounds like fun I wish you were here to share the day with us.
    I hope London is decked out and looks beautiful!
    Enjoy the pajama wearing and the movies.
    We currently have the following: Up, Harry Potter and Yes Man. We are going to take in Avatar if the weather allows us to get out.
    Miss you lots! We will call before we take off for Port Huron tomorrow.
    Merry Christmas and Happy 2010!
    Love you both,

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