4 day weekends are the best . . .

until they end.  I seriously considered throwing my alarm across the bedroom once I figured out what it was at 5:30 this morning (and what it was, was evil).  It only took me a few days to get used to waking up at 10 and starting the day with a bllody mary and a bagel covered in cream cheese, tomato, avocado and Quorn fake bacon.

No, I’m back at work and a good 6 hours away from any sort of cocktail.  The weekend’s winner was the Orange Blossom, a prohibition era cocktail disguised to mask the taste of bathtub gin.  Take 1 measure each of sweet vermouth, gin and orange juice.  Place in a cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake until a frost forms on the shaker.  Pour over a few cubes of ice.  Garnish with an orange slice.  Enjoy.

And all that said, I should probably avoid any stupid cocktails because I am getting a stupid cold.  It better be gone in time for New Year’s Eve or I’ll, well I’ll probably just be grumpy and blow my nose alot, but for real, no one wants that.

Along with cocktail discoveries we also watched all but the last episode of season 5 of the Wire (I’m not ashamed to admit I cried during at least two episodes) and quite a few movies.  It was a good and relaxing weekend and I miss it already.


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