So Twenty Ten.

So, yeah, it’s a new year.  Happy New Year.  Hope you had a good party to go to or a cozy home to stay in.

We went to a party at a friend’s house. Well, actually the home of multiple friends.  One of them told me my shoes looked like they came from the pretend future and I was very pleased.

Now everything is back to normal, except of course for all the snow freak outs in London.  But even that’s sort of normal. 

We’re looking forward to Primavera Sound 2010 at the end of May in Barcelona and then a trip back to the US for a wedding.  Also a visit from a friend in May and the likely visit of my niece in the summer.

I’ve not made any resolutions, just going to continue not smoking (7 months so far) and trying to plonk out this book.  This weekend my plan is to clean up our currently mess-tastic second bedroom again so I can get back to work at my desk.

So, yeah, hope your twenty ten brings you all the joy and maybe even a weekend trip to Barcelona if you can swing it.


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