Things to look forward to:

  1. Road trip!  In June a friend currently living in NC is getting married in Durham.  We are using this wedding as an excuse to see some more of America.  The tentative plan right now is to start in Florida to see Jeremy’s grandparents and aunts and uncles there and then drive up  through Savannah to Durham, from there we’ll see another friend in NC and then onward to Nashville and Memphis and then upward to Chicago and maybe a side trip to Indianapolis to see my cousins as well.  Alannah, if you are reading this do you think we might be able to arrange meeting somewhere?  My knowledge of the geography of the south is very slim so I’m not sure where you live in relation to all these places but I would LOVE to see you.
  2. Michael!  My old friend and coworker Michael bought tickets to see the Ultravox reunion concert in Amsterdam this spring.  That means he and his partner will be stopping over in London at the end of April!  Yay!  Michael is one of the best people ever and I miss him (and working with him) a lot.  I totally lucked out the day I walked into the library and learned we’d be working together almost every day.
  3. Heidi!  My friend Heidi is coming to visit at the end of May.  We are going to go to the flower show and the Horniman and the pub together.  And probably other stuff too.
  4. Primavera Sound!  She will also be coming along to Primavera Sound 2010, a music festival in Barcelona. I’ve mentioned it before but it’s important that you know it will be awesome and on the beach and full of good times.
  5. Ann!  So long as she gets her passport my niece will be visiting this summer.  I’m looking forward to showing her around London and giving her a slice of life outside of Port Huron.
  6. Spring!  Spring is coming.  I do not have a full midwestern winter ahead of me.  Soon flowers will be blooming and daylight will be lasting longer. Maybe some sunshine will even break through.


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2 responses to “Things to look forward to:

  1. Arrgh! Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond!

    You bet I’ll meet y’all anywhere within a four hour’s drive from here (possibly five or six, if you sweeten the pot).

    When you get more of an itinerary figured out, let me know. And I might be able to help with “do not miss” spots in the Southeast.’re going to love the 3rd season of Mad Men…although there’s far too little Joan.

    • carolynintheuk

      cool, once we have the itinerary set i will email it to you and see what we can set up.

      only two more days to go. I hate the BBC for making me wait so long

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