Lucky Me

So I was watching the BBC Morning show while checking my emails and Facebook this morning and they had an interview with a doctor from Medicins Sans Frontiers talking about how their planes have been unable to lan in Port Au Prince the last few days and instead ae being routed to the Dominican Republic which means that vital supplies have been taking up to 2 extra days to get to victims of the earthquakes there.  This means people are dying who otherwise would have lived.  This is horrifying.  And I was struck by 2 things. 

  1. I need to donate to this organisation.  They do very important work and deserve much support.
  2. I am incredibly lucky.  I am lucky I was born where I was born to the people I was born to.  I am lucky for the tremendous privileges I was granted as a result of this first bout of luck.  I am lucky I live and have lived in countries with reliable and safe infrastructures (give or take a few stretches of road in Detroit).  I am lucky that when I lived in the US I had access to health care.  I am lucky to now live in a country with nationalized health care that has provided with support when I was unlucky enough to become very ill.  I haven’t done anything to deserve this.  I was just born in the right place at the right time.  So often, in the midst of my everyday life I forget these things.  I get caught up in urban complaints about buses and work and snow and all sorts of nonsense, but really, my life is very good.  It’s good to remember this sometimes.

So yeah, go here.  Spread some of your own luck around.


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  1. Mom

    It is a special moment when your children show compassion, understanding and maturity. Just thought I would say I am proud of you.

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