Adventures in Brixton

So I was in the Brixton Body Shop yesterday looking to buy some more Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask. It’s good for my combination oily skin you see, also it is good for scaring Jeremy when coupled with the phrase ‘Oogedy boogedy boo!’  Seriously, total comic genius. So yeah, there I was poking around in the seaweed section (because, yes, I do have combination oily skin and yes, I buy products specifically geared towards said skin, especially those featuring seaweed and ionic clay) when the security guard starts asking me if I’ve tried the night serum.  I was all like, ‘What now?’ And looked up to see this wiry thug of a guy with a scar on his face and a gold tooth get all psyched to tell me about the benefits seaweed products for combination skin.  It should come as no suprise that this was the best thing to happen to me all day.  Possibly all week. 

Also he gave me a free sample.  I wonder if he gets an under the table commission for any night serum he sells?  I smiled at him as I left and was rewarded with a proper twinkle from his gold tooth.

This more than made up for an especially frustrating visit to Marks and Spencer down the road where I spotted 3 pairs of trousers I wanted to try on only to be informed that they didn’t have a changing room (My response: Well that’s kind of a pain in the ass) but that I could return anything that didn’t fit (My response: No, that’s stupid) . 

So thanks to you, gold toothed security guard at the Body Shop in Brixton.  You saved Sunday!

Also, right now if you buy their Bag for Life they donate almost half the price to causes helping out in Haiti, and that’s a nice thing to do.

Also, also, I promise you I am not being paid by Body Shop.  I just really like their seaweed based products.  Especially that mask.

Oogedy boogedy boo!



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2 responses to “Adventures in Brixton

  1. *giggles*

    I heart Brixton. You did see that proposal on the Fridge/ Ritzy thing, didn’t you? So cute.

    Also, on the whole local-ness. Did you see the Guardian Magazine’s feature on living in Nunhead this Saturday? It so missed the whole boho intellectual scene going on there – said it was ‘humdrum’. Pah! Clearly the journo had never had one of those saturday morning conversations about Nietzsche at the Frog…

    • carolynintheuk

      I missed both of those!

      Will have to check the Guardian stat.

      Maybe it’s for the best that they missed the point. John would have probably chased them out of the Frog with a broom anyhow.

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