Oh my.

I am about to book driving lessons.

Driving lessons to learn how to drive a manual (Stick shift to the Americans) in London so I can get an official UK driving license to replace my current provisional license and my about to expire Michigan license.

This is scary.  I’ve only ever driven automatic cars on the right side (and I don’t mean that in an Ameri-centric we drive on the correct/right side of the road kind of way, I mean it in a right v. left kind of way) of the road and generally not in an urban area.  On top of that in the last 9 years I’ve only driven about 9 times total. And one of the last times I drove I ended up in a neck brace with whiplash and Jeremy had a concussion and my father-in-law’s car was totalled.

Totally not my fault.

Driving makes me nervous (though to be fair MOST things make me nervous).  I’m going to do it anyhow.  I have to.  I just don’t want to.



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3 responses to “Oh my.

  1. brooklyndrinksandgoeshome


    Good luck! Driving stick is pretty easy once you get the swing of it –actually, prefer it to automatic.


    • carolynintheuk

      Thanks Mike! I’m trying hard not to be a sissy, but I’m still a little scared. Expect updates next week after my first lesson.

  2. keri

    enjoy this experience. i had to go through this a few years ago, being an already an experienced ‘manual’ driver and driving for 16 years it still took me 3 f*cking times to pass the driving test here. here’s a little tip– everyone in london drives like they’re from new jersey. was it worth the 800 quid i spent on lessons and tests? oh yeah! now i get to drive like i’m from new jersey too!

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