• I signed up for driving lessons, therefore, if you are in or around the SE15 area on Friday monrings for the next couple months, exercise a little extra caution whilst crossing the street.
  • I’ve started going back to bikram yoga.  I should not ever have stopped.
  • I bought this and cannot wait for it to show up at my house.
  • I finished reading The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters yesterday.  I enjoyed it despite the lack of torrid love affairs or gender bending and the running strand of sorrow and loss.  Sarah Waters is officially one of my favorite authors.  I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to hear this.  I expect to see it added to the front of all her future novels “Officially one of Carolyn Kohl’s favorite authors!  Right up there with Kate Atkinson, Margaret Atwood and Michael Chabon!”
  • Typing the words ‘Favorite Author’ was an activity fraught with indecision.  That’s right, fraught!  Which spellings to use, English or American!  Delete add delete add.  I finally, as you can see, went with my roots and kept it American.
  • We are going to see tUnE-YarDs on Monday.  I last saw her at ATP last May and am really REALLY looking forward to seeing her again.
  • I’ve taken Tuesday off work so I won’t feel nervous about staying up late also so I can have cocktails with lunch!

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