I currently have about 5 million paper cuts (actual number more like 6) because I’m in the middle of a big archiving project (saying this makes me think of the Kids in the Hall sketches with Gavin, in one he claimed that he was ‘in the middle of a big bike race!’  Gavin was also responsible for informing as all that ‘In Russia you only get one spoon and one bowl and if you lose either one you never get another and you have to wait for a relative to die so you can take theirs.’).  I think I deserve hazard pay, you know like the contract workers in Iraq get.

Probably the company I work for is not going to give me hazard pay.  But they would probably disagree with this sentiment.  My once smooth and beautiful hands are now a scarred, frightening mess. Children run away in fear at the sight of them.  It doesn’t help that Oliver is a bitey maniac at least once every day. There’s a reason his first nickname was Senor Chompers.

My life is full of dangerous situations.


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