Scary things!

Did you know that since October of 2009 a grand total of 57 people have found this blog by searching for ‘List of Scary Things’ or some close relative of this phrase.

I would like to formally apologise to you, dear searchers, because you have undoubtedly landed on my very unscary list of things that I find scary.  I am a wuss you see.  Sad but true. 

But here are some truly horrifying things:

  1. The movie Fog of War.  No joke.  You will need to force yourself to forget large chunks of it in order to go on functioning.
  2. The American health care system.
  3. People who use quotation marks incorrectly.
  4. The look on my dentist’s face when she tells me I ‘really, really need to start flossing.’
  5. Taking driving lessons in London in order to learn how to drive a manual even though you know how to drive all ready, but only an automatic in America.
  6. Sarah Palin fans
  7. Spiders.  Seriously, they’re gross.

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