I have new glasses.  I was getting headaches and my GP told me that the first thing to do in such a situation was to get my eyes checked (also I need to have some blood drawn so they can check my iron levels but the queues at the haemotology lab are ridic) so I went to Vision Express and got my eyes checked and discovered that my right eye has been letting my down.  My left eye has been working hard and holding steady, but the vision in the right has gotten a bit worse.

You know what that means, right?  That means new specs. 

These new specs to be precise:

I was kind of surprised that I liked a pair of Diesel glasses.  I’m not generally much for name brands, and in fact was very firm in my disdain for a pair of Gucci frames the sales guy tried to push on me, but these really bring out my eyes.  When he handed these to me I put them on and he said, ‘Now that style is sort of geeky.’ And I said, ‘I can do that.’

Jeremy says they make me look ‘sort of owlish, but girls like that.’ He’s such a sweet talker.

I also got the lens in my old glasses replace so I can keep them at home and actually wear them when using the computer or reading like how I’m supposed to.  I think I’m supposed to wear them while knitting too.  Growing old is tricky stuff.


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