Busy doing nothing

Jeremy was sick this weekend so we did a whole bunch of nothing.  He found this frustrating.  I found it pretty awesome.  We watched movies (Arthur, Little Children, Away We Go) and the Olympics.  My new favorite event is Ski Cross.  According to the announcer on the BBC it ‘could only be more exciting if you added shark infested pools!’  Not only were there crashes there was also plenty of barely restrained animosity between the commentators.

Guy 1:  This is really a man’s man’s  sport!

Guy 2: The women’s ski cross will be taking place on Wednesday.  I’m really looking forward to it.

I want these guys to narrate my life!  Well, them or Stephen Fry a la Pocoyo.  Maybe they could share.

To make up for a weekend filled with sloth, I exercised this morning.  This sort of thing is meant to be good for me.  I’m reserving judgement.


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