Spring, please get here quicker

Yesterday as I was walking across the top of Peckham Rye I saw crocusses!  They were purple and white and despite my dripping nose and the edge of cold in the air this made me very happy because it means Spring is coming. 

I love Spring.  It is probably my favorite season.  Want to know why?  Okay, I’ll tell you.  For one, my birthday is in April.  I like having a birthday a lot because birthdays mean presents.  Birthdays for me also tend to mean taking a day off to go to Brighton and stare at the sea and eat cake(s) and drink coffee.  I like going to Brighton.  I didn’t go last year on my birthday and that was a mistake.  This year I will not repeat the mistake.  Especially if Jeremy has to go to Hong Kong again this year.

And then after my birthday Spring fills up with awesomeness.  Friends come to visit at the end of April and then it’s just a few short weeks until more friends and then Primavera Sound in Barcelona and THEN on May 31 we go to America for a road trip and a wedding and to visit many, many babies.

AND THEN it’s summer.  And Summer’s not bad either.


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