This weekend I used my mom circa 1977 as some fashion-spiration.

I was down in East Dulwich on Sunday looking for some new clothes and not having any luck at the regular clothing shops.  Everything was ugly.  Seriously, why is everything ugly right now?

Happily I saw that the Mind charity shop was open so I popped in to see what they might have stocked.  On the dress rack I found a green dress that reminded me A LOT of the one my mom is wearing in the photo at this link.  The only difference being that this one was a solid lime green and the straps don’t tie. And my mom looks pretty awesome in that dress, and let’s face facts here, I look a lot like my mom, so I tried it on and was all like, oh hell yeah Mom of the 70’s! I think managed to find a woven silver white and gold belt that will look really good with it and a couple new beaded necklaces as well!  One turquoise and the other coral pink (I do solemnly swear that I will not wear both necklaces at the same time, Amen).

All in all a pretty good score that came in at just under £17.

Sadly, no one on the bus ride home offered to eat my afterbirth.  I’ll try to live with the disappointment.

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  1. finding right clothes in london without destroying your wallet is difficult, I must say.

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