Ridiculous Good

In A shocking change of pace from the last two Saturdays I am once more at work.  Happily though I am listening to the new Gorillaz cd.  They are one of a few bands / musicians I will buy albums from without hearing anything first (also included The New Pornographers, Neko Case, Wilco, Arcade Fire, a few others.  Tori Amos used to be on this list but then she did that album about a beekeeper or some shit and we had to re-evaluate our relationship).

Anyhow I was bopping along to this new album and liking it just fine, more than really, and then this song came on

and I was totally in love. 100% percent.  When it started I was like yeah yeah whatever, and then the brass line and the wall of sound happened and oh that’s all it takes.  Ask anyone, give me a wall of sound and I’m yours forever. 

There are also songs featuring Mick Jones, Bobby Womack, Lou Reed,  and Snoop Dogg (not all at the same time though, don’t worry).  So thank you Damon Albarn and Mos Def and many more for helping to make my Saturday at work slightly more tolerable.

Last week Cheap Trick were making life better for me.  That’s just what Surrender does.  That song is made of magic.


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  1. holyd

    Yes!!!I love GORILLAZ !!yeahhha!!

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