Volcano! Not starring Tommy Lee Jones or Anne Heche

Or even Gabby Hoffman or John Corbett.

So there’s this volcano that erupted in Iceland and the giant cloud of volcanic ash that has been kicked into the atmosphere has grounded flights throughout much of Europe and all of the UK.  This would not be a big deal for me and mine if only Jeremy wasn’t in Sweden right now.  He’s supposed to be flying home from Copenhagen tonight (yes I know Copenhagen is not in Sweden, it’s in Denmark and it is VERY near the part of Sweden where he often has to go for work).  His flight has, unsurprisingly, been cancelled and now we are trying to find him a way home (and by we I actually mean that I am sitting on hold with BA to see if they can help, I am not feeling especially optimistic).

AND 20 minutes later,  BA can get him on a flight on Monday.  So now I’m back on hold to try and book it.  Ugh.

Happy Birthday me (yes I know I’m being a selfish cow and that there is flooding and craziness happening in Iceland right now and other more pressing travel needs throughout Europe, but MONDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY AND WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE GOING TO BRIGHTON AND THIS MAKES ME ANGRY!).

Stupid volcano.

At least my staff gave me some very nice presents this morning.  A really good knitting book was even included. Presents make everything a little bit nicer.


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