Meditations on my cat and yoga and Brighton and other stuff

Why do you think it is that my cat feels this vital need to wake me up ten minutes before my alarm goes off?  Sure he only climbs onto my chest so he can continue sleeping away, but that wakes me up and hardly seems fair.

He also really takes issue with the fact that I close the living room door when I do yoga.  This is somehow the greatest insult against feline kind ever.  If he can’t headbutt the door open he’ll sit in the foyer and howl pitifully.  This does not help the meditation portion of my daily yoga session.

What does Oliver have against yoga, anyhow?

And, yes, I have been continuing on with the yoga.  I had a really good practice yesterday doing the dvd that was focussed on the heart chakra.  I was able, for the first time ever, to complete some kriyas that had really been giving me trouble, and even though none of it was perfect it was still better than ever before and left me with a very good feeling afterwards.

Last Monday, in case you forgot, was my birthday.  Since Jeremy made it home from all the volcanic craziness (never has living on an island seemed more inconvenient) we held on to our original plans and spent the day in Brighton.  We had delicious brunch at a place called Mange Tout that had the best eggs Benedict I’ve had in the UK so far, and then we bought a lot of music and poked around in a lot of shops. 

I also bought a new lunch box.  Mine is green and white and today it is sitting in the staff fridge full of tuna noodle casserole and peas.  Try to contain your envy.  I know it will be hard because I make a delicious tuna noodle, but you will manage.  Just breathe deeply and remind yourself that you too can make tuna noodle, it’s easy, don’t stress.

Life is calming down a little bit now.  I’m back to working normal hours now that my office move is mostly complete.  So no more Saturdays in the office or extra hours in the evening.  That’s nice.  It also means that if I want to sleep until 6 (I know, I’m crazy!) I can do just that and still have time for yoga in the evening.  And I even have time to get my haircut and go to the post office again.  Imagine it!

And maybe, just maybe this will also translate into more time for writing, fingers crossed.


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