The nearness

I’m going to just forget about the last 2.5 hours of work and say that I have 3 days left until my 3 weeks of vacation begin.

3 short days that will almost certainly be very, very busy so should go by quickly.

I bought a dress for the wedding we’ll be attending on the 5th of June.  It was a steal, well, not a steal because I paid for it, but rather a glorious find at the TK Maxx on Sunday.  It’s a Calvin Klein sundress made out of light cotton and is white with green and blue stripes that look hand painted going about 3/4s of the way down.  It is knee-length, just right for my body type and totally 100% awesome.  And it was only £50. 

Dear TK Maxx, I love you.  Even more than I used to love your American cousin TJ Maxx.  True fact.

Plans are in the works for sightseeing around London next week.  Then Barcelona, then America.

Our plans are still pretty loose but thus far we plan on visiting:

  • Clearwater, FL
  • Savannah, GA
  • Charleston, SC
  • Durham, NC
  • Someplace else in NC I can’t remember the name of
  • Maybe Myrtle Beach
  • Indianapolis
  • Niles, MI (very briefly)
  • Chicago, IL

We’re still on the fence about Nashville and Memphis because of flooding and timing and all so we may just coast around TN aimlessly.  If anybody knows where we 100% ought to go, tell me.  Please.

I’m still working on convincing Jeremy to go to Dollywood.  He remains curiously resistant to the power of Dolly.  I don’t understand how, he just does.


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One response to “The nearness

  1. keri

    Go to Dollywood. I went one year on my drive down to college in AR and it was well worth a stop!

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