The Plague

So last week I nearly died.  It was a really inconvenient week to nearly die.  We were short staffed at work on Monday and Tuesday, I was officially promoted on Thursday to a new position and was supposed to start training my replacement on Friday.

I made it in all day on Monday and half the day on both Tuesday and Thursday, but mostly spent the week coughing, holding my sore head, and telling Jeremy how close to death I was.  Seriously, I was like a heroine from a Victorian women’s novel, except in polka dotted pyjama bottoms and with much shorter hair. 

Happily I am now feeling considerably better and am back to the modern world here in the file factory.  I will beging transitioning into my new role at work this week (you thought I was going to say gender didn’t you?  You were all like, I always knew Carolyn wanted to be a dude!  But no, I tricked you!).  I don’t like to go too into detail about my job here but I can say that I’m moving up the middle management chain of command.  It’s only sort of exciting.  Hopefully, though, it will clear out some of the stuff I don’t like doing and give me time to develop the stuff I do like doing.  That’s vague, I know.  Sorry.  It’s all good stuff though, an that’s what’s important.

So yeah, not much exciting happening here.  I did watch Heathers for the 5 millionth time this weekend though, and that’s always a good time.  More on that later, I picked up some new stuff on this viewing that I hadn’t really considered before, like the one set of scenes that make Red Heather a sympathetic character!  Who knew?  Also, to discus later, Ferris Bueller’s sister Jeannie as unsung hero of the movie.


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