If you were reading a book and one of the lead characters had the same name as a character from The Dukes of Hazzard would that excite or upset you? 

I’m going to assume you’re totally into this, because I find I like the name Roscoe a lot.

If you were me and you managed to spill your coffee all the hell over the stairwell at work this morning, but still managed NOT to get any on your white sweater what would your ratio of pride:embarrassment be?  I’m thinking about 5:3 right now.

Pride won out for the rest of the day.  Sure I’ve still got a bruise on my arm, but my shirt remained unstained

What should I have for lunch?  Noodle soup from Itsu?  Salt beef sandwich from Pret?  Three packs of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from the shop across the road?

Half a turkey sandwich, a small banoffee pie, and some fruit won out in the lunch contest.  Today though, salt beef might be the victor

How should I go about convincing Jeremy that we ought to get a kitten?  Oliver needs a henchman.

I keep sending him kitten pictures, he keeps ignoring him.  Jeremy has a heart made of stone!

SicilyAwesome, beautiful, both?  Should we tempt fate by trying to go back in October?  Will we get sick again?

This trip is looking more and more likely.  In the tentative stages we are talking about spending a week in the Aeolian Islands and then planning a couple long weekend trips to Paris and Vienna in August and November respectively, with Sicily in October.

Did my friend Sara B used to drink coffee through a straw back in 1994?  Have I made this up or is it in fact true?

I did not make this up.  Got confirmation from Heidi P.  we don’t rememebr WHY Sara B drank her coffee with a straw though.  Just that she did.



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