Nice things, yay!

I am happy to report that my work week is almost done.

As my baby niece (and by baby I mean 18 years old, ack) is coming to visit, I’ve taken Thursday and Friday off of work.  The sacrifices I make for family.

We’ve got plans to take a coach trip to Stonehenge and Bath, have tea, go to the galleries at the British Library, see The Lion King, go out for pizza, and do lots and lots of sightseeing.  She’ll be here from Thursday until Wednesday and I am very much looking forward to it.

I am also happy to report that I will have a fancy new cellular mobile phoning device soon.  I signed up for an upgrade to a Samsung Wave today and am feeling sort of ridiculously excited about it.  It looks similarish to an iPhone, but  just different enough to not be an iPhone.  Plus the very nice lady at Orange figured out that I could move to a cheaper plan since I mostly use my phone for texting and have only been using an eighth of my allotted minutes.  Plus this plan will have unlimited internets!  Thanks nice lady at Orange!

Also, last night I cleaned the kitchen.  The place freaking sparkles now.  Sparkles!  Tonight, the second bedroom gets the same treatment,  so as not to asphyxiate the aforementioned baby niece with dust.

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One response to “Nice things, yay!

  1. kathie kohl

    Nice Post!
    Ann is pretty excited herself!
    I am trying not to be too sentimental. No crying at the airport. That would tick her off. Too bad I am the grandma.
    You guys have fun and enjoy your time together.
    Sounds like you have a great adventure planned.
    ps good luck with the new phone i have been told they are very addictive

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