Dudes, being a tourist is hard work. 

Over the last 4 days I have:

  • Had the largest fry up in all of SE London (at the cafe in Peckham Rye Park in case you were interested)
  • Been up and down every corner of my own neighbourhood
  • Gone out for afternoon tea
  • Had pizza and beers while listening to music with friends and family at the Gowlett
  • Gone to Stonehenge
  • Gone to Bath
  • Navigated the maze in Trafalgar Square
  • Gone to Portobello Road Market
  • Gone to Camden Market
  • Gone to the British Library to see map exhibition (amazing!) and regular collections (also amazing!)
  • walked along Regent’s Canal
  • Learned more about fashion according to my 18-year-old niece than I ever needed to know
  • Did not have a panic attack at either of the aforementioned markets despite being thrust into the unwashed masses
  • Got rained on, a lot
  • Set up my new phone (It takes black and white pictures and negative picture and it plays music and updates facebook and also makes toast.  No, it doesn’t actually make toast.)
  • Had a generally lovely if tiring time.

Today and tomorrow the aforementioned Niece is out and about exploring London on her own.  She’ll be checking out the changing of the royal guard and doing a bus tour and hitting Oxford Circus and tomorrow we’ll be taking in The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre.

Then Wednesday morning she’ll be heading back to Michigan, where apparently it is fashion suicide to wear navy blue and black together (this colour combination makes you look like a bruise) although it is okay to wear a black shirt with dark blue jeans because jeans are denim and therefore don’t count as a colour.

Kids these days.


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